Delve deeply

We  are keenly aware that getting to the core of things is the real challenge. The various qualitative methodologies we offer lead to direct success and, based on reliability and a sense of responsibility to a long-term business relationship with our clients. Each research objective needs its own approach and we are sure to meet your needs.

We  bring together ethnological, depth psychological, phenomenological and cognitive research and turn the inside out in order to reveal the heartstrings. All the methods which apply are enhanced by the use of creative techniques such as associations, analogies, confrontation, mappings and clusters to gain subliminal needs.

Discuss and dive in

We  are a small team of psychologists and sociologists with a vital economically background in order to understand both sides of the coin: our client´s up-to-date requirements and the requests to establish coming from our target groups.

Our  current strengths can be found in the fields of research listed below. By keeping our eyes and ears open we enjoy going exploring and our cutting-edge research allows us to keep up with trendsetters and their current needs.

  • Cars and two-wheelers - especially SUVs and high-end interior

  • Premium Electronic Goods - usability and concept testing / development

  • Healthcare Research - KOLs, physicians and patients, HCP´s

  • Business solutions covering digital, print, supply chain management

  • High end home appliances - especially home cinema equipment, Smart TVs

  • Food & beverages

  • Care & hygiene, body - and hair care

  • Technology & telecommunications

  • Living & leisure

…let´s get to the base of it.