Our internal solution for your success

Our own call centre meets modern standards and an enlarged data base well-stocked with consumers, B2B-contacts, physicians and patients to get in touch easily with the required target group. The project is handled by experienced field managers who know about the special requirements of a high-standard recruitment. They give support from the beginning of the project and go along with our senior recruiters to ensure valid participants as a base of your research.

We seek to find your targets

We  understand the importance of providing a bridge between cost efficient processes and reaching the suitable target group even if it just can be found using multiple sources and by digging deeper – as basic principle we act speedily in a time of tight schedules.

  • Reliable adjustment of screening criteria by industry-knowing project managers in advance
  • Detailed briefings beforehand to ensure that all persons involved are absolutely familiar with the specifications of the project
  • Using our ongoing build out data base to offer “unconsumed” respondents and covering multiple sources to keep our sample vivid
  • Provision of internal screening management by offering a technical solution which reduces personal influence by our staff to a minimum
  • Constantly updates by a single fieldwork manager to keep you in the loop and to be informed about any new and helpful findings
  • Wherever the respondents are invited to, our team is already on site to double check and to assist in any case

And  just to speak in lasting numbers – our data base contains of the following target groups:

  • 95.000 Consumer with a special focus on their vehicle used and technical goods

  • 80.000 Patients with chronically diseases and their caregivers

  • 45.000 Physicians and medical staff

  • 25.000 Key Opinion Leaders and managerial staff

  • 35.000 B2B contacts of small and medium sized companies

  • 18.500 Financial and insurance related experts